The Bachelder Project Trois Terroirs

We never meant to run away from our native Québec with our young family in tow, never meant to become wine gypsies: but, by doing so, we have been blessed to live and work in three of the most beautiful cool-climate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir viticultural regions in the world: Burgundy; Oregon and Niagara.

For the Bachelder project, starting with the 2009 vintage, we have happily returned to all three of these regions to establish tiny craft wineries and are finally making our own Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines under our own name. Every friend that we have made and kept in our travels has inspired this 'three terroirs' series: Three regions; Three wines. The hands, techniques and the palates remain the same, only the terroirs change. --Mary & Thomas Delaney-Bachelder

The Niagara Escarpment

Canada’s fruit basket – one of the southernmost parts of Canada - an idyllic little peninsula with a unique microclimate due to the ocean-like Great lakes that surround it. Dolomitic Limestone abounds here - interspersed with clay - giving the wines intense perfume; a rich mouthfeel and a defining iron grip that speaks of the Escarpment where the grapes are grown – the same Escarpment from whence tumble the world-famous ‘Niagara Falls.’

"A deft wine that is at once forwardly-scented, broad and lithe: despite its weight, it nonetheless retains all the classic defining minerality of Niagara’s prized limestone soils."

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