In the heart of Bolognano

Small town in the Abruzzi region which guards important treasures and traditions, Zaccagnini company has been established in 1978. Starting from a family-run business, the Winery has grown rapidly and steadily with the goal of “absolute quality, from cluster to glass”, reaching the current condition of an international reality with more than 300 hectares of beautiful vineyards, well-kept and monitored at every production stage.

Excellence, passion and devotion to job have made Tralcetto’s wines the pride of Abruzzi’s wine production appreciated all over the world.

70% of an annual production of over 3,000,000 bottles is destined to an international market divided into 45 countries including Australia, USA, Europe, Japan, Singapore, South Africa. The company also participates every year in world-class trade fairs and events such as Vinitaly in Verona, Prowein in Duesseldorf, Merano Wine Festival, Foodex in Tokyo, Wine Spectator Grand Tour in the USA.

“Wine, the man’s art”

is the concept that sums up the corporate philosophy based on the pair Wine-Art: two forms of eternal pleasure that strip life by revealing its secrets. The affection of Cantina Zaccagnini for art manifests itself in the promotion and participation in various industry events. The first memorable artistic event took place in 1984 with the presentation of the project “Difesa della Natura” by the world-renowned masterJoseph Beuys.

Afterwards, the company became supporter of many artistic events such as “Un fiore per Ivan” and “Pigro, cantautori in vigna”, as a tribute to Ivan Graziani, the Biennale d’Arte Sacra e Fuori Uso. The winery also hostsUvarte, an event in which many prestigious artists take part, whose works become the central element of a special line’s labels reserved for collectors.

The search for harmony between productivity, art and environment is well proved by the numerous works of great artists present in the vineyards and within the company: Pietro Cascella, Franco Summa, Berrettini, David Bade, Gino S. Odoardi, Dino Colalongo, Vladimiro Navarra, Simone Zaccagnini.

Art has even inspired the construction of the winery: the gull wing-shaped roof, the wine barrel storage resembling the lines of an eye which, attentive to nature, observes the Majella National Park. Even the stained glass window of the tasting room has the shape of an eye symbolizing the attention and care for territory.

Cellar guided tour

Book your guided tour among charming vineyards, exploring the works of art that enrich the estate and the winery premises where the fascinating transformation of precious grapes into wines takes place. These wines have made the success of Cantina Zaccagnini and you can taste them under the wise guidance of an experienced guide and/or the oenologist himself.

Contact us by phone or email (see contact section) to explore our world from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2,30 to 6 pm.

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