The Awatere River Wine Company crafts world-class wines. Having grown up amid vines and wines, company founder Louis Vavasour was drawn to the industry and graduated from Adelaide’s prestigious Roseworthy College in 2002. He then gained winemaking experience in South Australia, California and France, before returning home to establish his own company.

Louis is both focused on achieving his vision of creating a next generation world class wine business, and reflective of the past, which for the Vavasour family dates back to the days of William the Conqueror and has been closely connected to the Kings of England throughout history. He employs four philosophies in all facets of his operations; intuition, minimal intervention, sustainability and excellence. This is achieving increasing success.

In 2016, every wine in the Awatere River flagship brand range won a gold medal. The eye- catching Anna’s Way brand is a tribute to his late mother, a Cordon Bleu chef with an unforgettable spark about her, while Savee Sea is a tip to the Marlborough province’s enviable lifestyle.

The portfolio strives to have strong points of differentiation – while some wines deliver to the ‘classic’ Marlborough, New Zealand style with great gusto, others reflect the distinctive terroir of the alluvial river flats on which they were grown. This ensures a broader range of evolving consumer preferences can be met within the one portfolio. The wines are low yield, premium-quality and in line with consumer trends, increasingly vegan – no or minimal fining agents are used, which is a winemaking option only presented when the wines themselves are of very high quality. Stylistically, Louis strives for length, structure, intensity and complexity.

The winery has a production capacity of 3,000 tonnes and was built to ensure total grape to bottle control. It allows for contract manufacturing and private label production, if and as required by customers. Also the global head office, the winery takes in the statuesque, often snow-capped Mount Tapuae-o- uenuku – known as ‘Tapi’ by the locals. Tapi’s glaciers feed the Awatere River that flows swiftly down the valley past the winery to the nearby coastline.

We hope that one day you will join us here to take in the beauty of both Tapi and our wines.

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