A Limited Production Luxury Brand Winery located in Beamsville, Ontario. 

Our family immigrated to Canada from Hungary in 1956 during the Hungarian revolution, after 9 years of working on tobacco fields and eventually mechanical jobs, My father, John Kocsis Sr., brought his parent’s out from Hungary and bought them their first 1.5 acre farm on Maple Grove Rd, where my grandparents grew grapes, as well as taking care of several geese, chickens, pigs, rabbits and even a few head of cattle. However, winemaking was always the highlight of every year, my grandmother made her own wine up until her death at age 95.

We now plan on vinifying only the highest quality icewine , in limited quantities and only from our family farms. We have been farming in the Niagara region since 1965.

In 1969 we purchased the home farm which was 15 acres and since then we have expanded to over 100 acres on five separate locations in a 2 mile radius- 40 acres of which is prime lakefront property where our winery will eventually sit.

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