Denis & Irmi Atam are both originally from Germany. When they had the opportunity to purchase a suitable piece of land in the Lake Chelan area, a long-lived dream finally came true.

Denis & Irmi started growing grapes in 2001 and were one of the first ones in the Chelan Valley anticipating the great potential and excitement about growing grapes and making fine wines at Lake Chelan.

Denis has a strong background in Chemistry and Biology from his studies during the time in College when he grew up in Germany. Both were able to obtain extensive experience in horticultural and viniculture practices for the last 15 years.

In order to expand their winemaking skills, both attended several classes in Enology and Winemaking at WSU.

Since 2006 the Atam's are making wine from their grapes with great success. In 2008 they finally decided to open their own winery and obtained their license in 2009.

Atam's Wines benefit from the unique & pristine conditions of the Chelan area, which allows them to grow grapes of great quality. The combination of 300+ sunny days combined with the unique soil (based on volcanic activities in the past), along with the clean air and irrigation water from Lake Chelan are contributing to the character of their wines. 

Currently they offer Riesling & Gewurztraminer as white wine varieties – this relates also to their German heritage. At this stage they offer one red variety called “Barbera”, which is based from grapes originated in the northern part of Italy. Their Syrah was released end of 2013 and their Malbec was released early 2014.

There are more varitities coming up in future years, but it is too early to annoucement them yet.

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