At &27 our menu reflects our personality – it’s a mishmash of familiar and faraway flavours made with traditional and trendsetting ingredients. You might say we’re a bit of a paradox. We say we’re Crafted to be Different.

When you walk through our doors, you can expect familiar fare, reimagined and served in a completely different way. At first glance, the beauty and simplicity of your dish might elicit an “oh!” of pleasant surprise. You’ll want to bury your nose in it – go ahead, we won’t judge you. Is that fresh wet earth you detect? Ripe orchard fruit? And something else you can’t quite put your finger on. Your senses are on a journey and you haven’t even taken your first bite.

&27 is passionately local. To us, that means more than sourcing many of our ingredients from local producers. It means we’re deeply committed to our region and its people. Take our water filtration system, QWater. Not only does it eliminate plastic bottles, reducing our carbon footprint, but sales benefit MealShare. Our coffee mugs were hand crafted by Bon Accord potter, Heather Edwards. Our walls are adorned with paintings and prints by local artists. We’re from Edmonton and for Edmonton.

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