Alvaro Palacios is one of Spain's absolutely best winemakers and the producer of one of the most famous wines in Europe, the legendary L'Ermita wine, a wine that costs more than 600 € per bottle! Alvaro Palacios works in various wine districts in Spain, but is most famous for his work in Priorat

Palacios comes from a family of wine growers in Rioja, the famous Spanish wine district in the north of Spain. But early he went to Priorat and began to make wine here, and it is here that he has reached fame.

As a young aprentice he spent time in Bordeux at the famous Pomerol wine estate Château Petrus, and in his best wines the heritage from the Bordeux district can be noted in the strong, tosted taste.

The vineyards are ancient and over 100 years old, producing some of the highest quality fruit in this mountainous region of Spain. They are grown literally on carved terraces on the steepest of slopes, allowing the grapes to bask in the sun.

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