The estate Althea extends over 22 acres of vineyards in an amphitheatre of moraines (glacier-created) hills with much calcareous rock near the village of Confine in the Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene and Colli di Conegliano DOC area, the western part of the township of Vittorio Veneto.

This area has long been considered one of the finest for the cultivation of the Prosecco grape, a fact supported by old, historic documents.

The Drusian family has a long tradition in the cultivation and fermentation of Prosecco in this territory. The years of experience in the vineyards, together with the proper technology and equipment in the cellar, carefully studied to bring out all of the character of grapes cultivated in low-yielding vineyards and then selected for proper ripeness and healthiness at harvest time, are completed by a thorough knowledge of all the techniques and secrets of sparkling wine production.

The enjoyable versatility of Prosecco sparkling wines of real character animates and adds pleasure to all occasions of conviviality, of company and conversation. It is an essential aspect of the tradition of the "ombretta de vin" - the glass of wine - which is so much a part of warm and friendly  oments
shared in the taverns and simple restaurants of the Veneto, a part of daily life which characterizes the entire culture and life style, to which wine is so important, in this part of the Veneto.

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