Alberta Barley was founded in 1991. In the 20+ years since, it has advocated the interests of Alberta barley producers within the province and around the world. At the time of its creation, Alberta Barley was the first established wheat or barley commission in Canada, and it has served as a successful model for commissions that have since been formed across the Prairies.


As an organization, Alberta Barley firmly believes in the importance of grassroots representation. Without the support of individual farmer members, the organization would not be able to function. Every farmer who pays barley check-off dollars has a say in the decision-making process, providing a meaningful contribution to growing the entire barley industry. It is through this inclusive, ground-up approach that the organization strives to promote Alberta barley.


Research and market development are currently Alberta Barley’s top priorities. These areas are where Alberta Barley allocates the majority of producer check-off dollars and sees the greatest return on that investment. Alberta Barley considers this an important investment in barley’s future. Our research activities include a number of a research projects focusing on feed, malt, food, agronomy and bio-products. Our market development activities include the expansion of barley’s market reach, promotion of the grain for a variety of end uses and consumer and producer outreach.

Alberta Barley works on behalf of its members to bring added value to barley production. We do this through activities, initiatives and partnerships in:

Market Development – developing new markets and creating new opportunities in existing markets in feed, malt, food and “new use” sectors around the world
Research & Agronomy – investing in research and trials that lead to new barley varieties, fight disease and pests, increase yields and discover new uses for barley
Communications – keeping farmers abreast of our activities, our community and our industry’s developments through our blog, website and regional meetings, while keeping Canadians well-informed of barley’s value and potential through special publications, projects and media releases
Policy – representing the needs and concerns of our members to governments, regulatory agencies and industry associations

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