From farming principles, to treatment of employees, customers, vendors and the animals we share our homes with, sustainability and relationships consume us. We believe in a lifestyle that combines work with play, a dedication to our craft with commitment to share our good fortune with others. A dream lived is a wonderful thing!

Expect to be NUDGED when you visit. The $5 tasting fees (feel free to give more) are donated to local food banks. On sunny days expect conversation and the sharing of your picnic food with fellow tasters. Dogs are welcome to visit along with the humans who feed them.

Our vineyard and winery are certified sustainable, LIVE (Low Input Viticulture & Enology) and Salmon Safe the same is true for BeckenRidge Vineyard supplier of our remaining grapes. Our duty to the earth is to think about the least disruptive practices that will produce the best fruit, thus the best wine.

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