Welcome to our two (very different) locations with many rotating taps and hundreds of bottles of the best beer from Europe and beyond. Our intimate location at 716 NW 21st specializes in Belgians and Belgian-style beers. Our beer hall at 1650 NW 23rd offers beers from all over Europe, including a smattering of Belgians but really highlighting German, British, Scandinavian and other beers. In the spirit of maximizing the enjoyment of our offerings, we store our bottled beer at temperatures as close as possible to the recommended serving temperature, take special care in cleaning our beer glassware the right way, and of course, serve our beer in the intended style of glassware. Both Abbeys have televisions to catch your favorite Timbers, football or other event! The Abbey on 23rd has free wifi, so bring your future novel and enjoy a beer while you work! Kids are welcome at both locations until 9pm, when the OLCC makes us send them off to bed.

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