Boundaries are few on the road less traveled.


Aaron began his journey into wine as a young teenager, when he fell into a job planting a small hillside vineyard. The wonderment of transforming bare ground into a vineyard that would someday produce wines of prowess and longevity drove Aaron to begin exploring the terroir of his homeland and eventually, producing his own wines. A combination of many years studying oenology at various institutions around the world, working with some of California’s greatest winemakers, and awe-inspiring travel have guided Aaron in his journey. His first commercial vintage was 2002.


We choose to source our fruit from exceptional sites within the Willow Creek, Adelaida, and Templeton Gap districts of westside Paso Robles. These are sites where we have been inspired by the terroir, plain and simple. Over the years, we have built close relationships with our growers, believing wholeheartedly that creating great wines is a collaborative effort. Our Aequorea vineyards lie west of the Santa Lucia Mountains, just a few miles from the ocean, most having actual views of the Pacific. These are extreme, cool climate sites, and often the only vineyard for miles. The common thread amongst all our vineyards is captivating terroir, low yields (<2 tons/acre), meticulous farming, minimal irrigation, and a respect for the land.


Our winemaking follows the same path that we employ in our vineyards, in that we strive to let the land and fruit speak for itself, with only subtle application of the human hand used to guide the process along the way. Small, native fermentations encourage long, gentle tannin extraction, and elevage takes place in a wide variety of French oak cooperage. All of our wines are aged on their lees with no racking, the whites in neutral oak and stainless steel for 6 months, our Pinot Noirs in 30-40% new oak for 10 months, and our Petite Sirah and cuvees in 50-60% new oak for 22 months.

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