9 Mile Legacy Brewing is a story of collaboration, growth and good neighbours.  It is about celebrating good times together and weathering hard times together.  It is a story often told in places like Saskatchewan. 

A century ago, when the Moens and Pedersons settled in the Cabri/Abbey area (northwest of Swift Current), their farms were located roughly 9 miles apart.  Over the years, our families have often worked alongside one another – a tradition we find ourselves continuing.  We remember our legacy with reverence and are guided by its shared values. 

Shawn Moen is our CEO/GM and Garrett Pederson is our COO/Head Brewer. After developing a love of brewing together, they left professional careers in 2013 to travel and work in commercial breweries, with the intent of refining their approaches to making beer and starting this business.  Their travels took them to Chicago, Denver, New Zealand and British Columbia and their passion has brought them home.  

We hope you enjoy your experience with the 9 Mile Legacy! 

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