40 Arpent is a 10bbl, 6,000 square foot brewery nestled in the banks of the Mississippi River. The brewery’s name—an ode to Louisiana history and Michael’s favorite memories—was a given. One of Michael’s early beers, which he showcased as a homebrewer at the Beer Not Bullets fundraiser, was named 40 Arpent Pale Ale. Clocking in a 40 IBUs, the pale ale was a crowd-pleaser, as was its name—at least if you understood what it meant. For the record: an arpent is a French unit of land measurement—slightly smaller than an acre—that was originally used by the French to divide property along a waterway. Land grants given by the King of France to Louisiana residents were often six arpents wide by forty arpents deep. The land grants created several 40 arpent canals that allowed inhabitants access to waterways as well as a chance to develop their land. St. Bernard’s 40 Arpent Canal, which was built in the 18th century, stretched from what is now the Faubourg Marigny, roughly paralleling the Mississippi River on the East Bank down through modern St. Bernard Parish and part of the East Bank of Plaquemines. Given the brewery’s location on the banks of the Mississippi in Arabi, the name was a natural fit.

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