With the more recent addition of head brewer David Vohden, we have refocused our efforts on producing and sharing a constantly changing lineup of fresh quality beers from right here in the great Pacific Northwest. Since taking over brewing duties in 2011, Vohden has molded our portfolio into a mouth-watering blend of styles from this country and abroad. His hard work paid off when 13 Virtues’ Woozy Weizenbock won a Silver medal in the German-style Wheat Ale category at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival®!

In the early summer of 2013 we completed a 3,500 sq ft. addition to expand our brewhouse. Vohden and Cameron Moore finished installation of the glycol system just in time to quench the thirsty demands of the 2013 Oregon Brewers Festival with a crowd-pleasing fruit beer, our Traverse Cherry Wit. The brewery expansion also brought us four 7-barrel fermentation tanks and a 15-barrel Hot Liquor Tank, which will be the impetus for an eventual all-around upgrade to a 7-barrel system. We age certain beers in spirit and wine barrels all around the new brewhouse, but don’t worry – we’ve left plenty of room down in our cozy cellar for other barrels for sour and wild ale experimentation to meet all your funky needs.

Although most of the square footage was utilized for brewing purposes, we were sure to save some space for all you dedicated beer drinkers! A mezzanine gives an elevated view down onto the open brewery floor, and if you happen to drop by on a brew day you, too, can enjoy the sweet sensory overload and watch the action (or lack thereof). A beautiful black walnut bar, fully stocked with 13 draft faucets, was added to accompany the additional seating area and to cater to private events. And don’t forget: the new bar and brewery seating are always open to patrons as long as there are no private events. Speaking of events, we added a brand-new 60″ HDTV to the new mezzanine area and we continue to play all major sporting events. Go Timbers, and go Blazers!

In short, some would say our legendary steak sandwiches and 23 taps of liquid delight are a match made in heaven. We won’t argue.

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