Just a couple hour drive east of New York City lies a wine region that, until recently, few people knew about.  When people think of Long Island they think of the uber exclusive Hamptons, sandy beaches, and Billy Joel.  Over the last few decades Long Island has quietly been producing wines that are ever increasing in quality and accolades.

The maritime climate of Long Island is similar to that of Bordeaux in France, with soothing nighttime breezes, long hot summer days, and spring showers that quench the thirst of hungry, growing grape vines.  The soil is varied over the region, from sandy soil to fertile farm land, giving the wines unique and varied aroma and flavor profiles.

In just over three decades, the region has gone from one small family owned vineyard to over 2500 acres of grape vines, with over 60 producers in the area.  Old world techniques and traditions combine with new world technology to produce wines that are beginning to gain national recognition.  

From Rieslings and Sauvignon Blancs to Merlots and Cabernet Francs, Long Island is producing popular varietals that can easily satisfy even the most sophisticated Hamptons socialite.

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