For the wine enthusiast that says to me, "I only drink wine that comes from a bottle...  with a cork."  Well, I say to you good sir (or madam), "You are indeed a snob...  and you're missing out."


Why Choose Canned Wine Over Bottles?

The Convenience of Canned Wine:

Sometimes the best answer is the most obvious: covenience. That's right, if you can get good wine in a can, why not buy it? Trust me, a can is much more convenient to throw in your purse when you're going to the movies. (Note: Naturally, I only condone this action when it is legal to do so.) It's lightweight enough to take backpacking and you can stack them in a cooler for camping. See? Convenient!

Environmentally Friendly Canned Wine:

Union Wine Co., makers of Underwood Wines has this to say about cans, and I believe them: "Cans are the most recycled beverage containers in the world and are 100 percent recyclable. They can be recycled infinitely with no loss of quality through a well-established and efficient process. Each recycled can reduces our environmental footprint. Cans are also ultra-efficient to transport, lightweight, unbreakable, and provide superior product protection." 

When It Comes to Wine, Always Choose Safety First

Taking anything glass to a beach or campsite is dumb. People walk around those places in their bare feet. Believe me when I say that a tetanus shot hurts almost as much as a chunk of glass in your foot. So leave the glass at home and choose canned wine instead. Plus it's a great party trick to crush a can of wine on your forehead around a campfire. (Note: Don't do that. Crushing cans on your forehead is not putting safety first. Plus it doesn't really make you look that cool or tough.)

Good canned wine comes in every form you'll find bottled wine. Sparkling wines, summer time rosés, easy-breezy white wines and even delicious red wines. When it comes to canned wine for connoisseurs, here are my top picks. Find these wines before any long weekend, beach time, camping trip or backyard BBQ. 

Francis Ford Coppola Sofia Mini Sparkling, California

A sparkling wine complete with pink can and sippy straw! It's like your very own adult juice box. Not only is the packaging super cute, the juice it tasty, too. This Blanc de Blancs is exactly what you'll find in the bottle. A delicious blend of Pinot Blanc, Riesling and Muscat for a hint of sweetness. (Also great for Bridal Showers and Stagettes)

Underwood Canned Rosé, Oregon

I've mentioned this one before because it's pretty tasty. One can is equal to 1/2 a bottle (375 mL), so be careful with this one. It looks like an individual portion but in this case the package size is deceiving. It's reasonably priced and the perfect summer sipper.

Alloy Wine Works Pacific Bloom Sangria, California

This is hand crafted wine by Field Recordings Winery in collaboration with Yes Cocktail Company. It's hard to get good pre-made sangria. Often it's mass produced with sub-par wine and more flavouring than actual fruit juice. Not the case with Alloy Wine Works Pacific Bloom Sangria. They start with quality single vineyard Zinfandel and add cranberry, lime and blood orange. Delicious. Crack open a can and put your feet up - you deserve it. 

Joe To Go Pinot Gris, Oregon

Quality Pinot Gris with a tonne of tropical fruit on the palate that gives way to mineral and mouthwatering acidity. This offering by Dobbes Family Estate is the perfect take anywhere crowd-pleaser. If you're not drinking this on a beach somewhere right now, what are you doing? Go! Get out there!

Alloy Wine Works Antipasto Sangiovese, Paso Robles

It's CAN-giovese! Bahahaha. Yup, this is your perfect pairing for a charcuterie picnic at the beach. Not that fancy? That's okay, it's probably pretty delicious with hot dogs cooked on a stick over a campfire. Try it. It's light bodied and fruit forward, so it's best served slightly chilled. A great red wine for warmer weather.

The Infinite Monkey Theorum Red Wine, Colorado

Not everyone likes a little bubble in their Merlot, but the label says it's "ridiculously good wine" and they're not lying. Very slight carbonation makes the wine refreshing and food-friendly. Crack open a can, make some smores and indulge. Go ahead. You'll thank me later.


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