I'm very much about drinking pink all year round, but this summer's hottest beverage is Rosé. The popularity of dry rosé has been on a steady incline for a few years, but it seems to be exploding right now. Here are my top rosé wine recommendations from wineries around the world that will set your summer on track.

If you're looking for sugary sweet, wine-cooler-type blush wines, you won't find them anywhere on this list (or in my house). These are all dry-style rosés. I've separated them into 3 categories for you. There are some that are really easy-drinking cheerfuls, some that are very food friendly and others are complex and thought-provoking. Not to say there isn't overlap between the categories, because there definitely is, but this is typically how I choose my wines. It's also important to keep in mind that one category isn't better than the others and ultimately it comes down to personal taste. What I might find thought-provoking might be a crushable to you. Neither of us is wrong. 

When picking a Rosé Wine that’s right for you, we recommend asking yourself: 

Do I just want to crush a bottle with a buddy and not think about it?

Do I need the wine to match nicely with a variety of foods?

Am I feeling a bit refelctive and want to savour the characteristics of a well-made wine?


All aboard the Summer Time Rosé Train!


My Favourite "Easy Drinking" Summery Rosé Wines

Ogier Heritages Rosé: Pick up a case of this wine to have on hand for any occasion. It's also a great lighter style rosé to start with if you're not sure you even like rosés yet. (Pro tip: you do, you just don't know it yet)

Evolve Pink Effervescence: My favourite summer bubbles! An all purpose wine that's easy to sip on and pairs well with food. Imagine yourself sipping this wine while looking out over a vineyard next to Lake Okanagan. I did that last year with this very wine and can't wait to do it again!

Chapoutier Tavel: Pretty much all they do in Tavel is make rosé then drink rosé while living in one of the most beautiful places in the world. That might not be accurate, but that's how I picture it. The wines usually have a little more body and structure that some of the other nearby regions. The potential for ripeness is greater creating higher alcohol content and the skins are kept on a little longer giving the wines a deeper colour and more flavour intensity.


Reccomendations for "Food Friendly" Rosé Wines

JoieFarm Rosé: If you've had rosé from Anjou, this will take you back to that moment. Made from Pinot Noir and Gamay grapes, it's similar to a wine you might find in the Loire Valley, France. Flavourful enough to even stand up to some backyard barbecue burgers.

Antech Cremant Rosé: Sparkling wine is your quintessential food wine and this Cremant from Limoux has enough complexity to accompany a variety of lighter foods. It also makes a great celebration wine for garden parties, weddings and Sunday brunches.

Gruber Organic: A great apertif if you're mingling around a cheese board or charcuterie. Especially delicious with goat cheese so try with a spinach salad topped with strawberries and goat cheese and a citrus dressing. 


My Top Thought Provoking Rosés

Illahe Rosé of Tempranillo: There is something very special about this wine. The winery is a step back into traditional farming; wines are from small lots, basket pressed, horse drawn and barrel aged. This very delicate rosé might make you think of a simpler time.

Valenciso Rioja Rosé: If you can get your hands on this one and the Illahe rosé at the same time, try them side by side. Both very different expressions of the Tempranillo grape from very different regions. It'll stop and make you think about just how unique terroir can be. 

Hillside Rosé Blend: An Okanagan favourite. Made from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and a bit of Syrah, this is a wine rich with flavour and layers of complexity. A wine to ponder.


Have I tried these recommended wines?

In case you're wondering... Yes I've actually tried all of these rosés. Some of them many times. No, I wasn't paid by the winery or import agency to give them a shout out. I recommend these rosé wines because I've tried them and I genuinely love them. I truly hope you enjoy the wines as much as I have. 


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