My favourite food hands down is pizza. Always has been, always will be. I could eat it morning, noon, and night. Friday nights as a kid, it was pizza night in my house. Best night of the week. Pizza and pop to end the week, what could be better I thought … Now when I think of pizza, I automatically think of pairing my favourite food with its number one companion, wine. There’s just something about that combination of cheesy, saucy pizza with a glass of my favourite red that send my spirits and taste buds soaring!

My absolute favourite pizza-wine combo comes from Calgary’s very own Una Pizza+Wine. In my eyes, they know how to do pizza right. Thin crust, perfect sauce of fresh tomatoes and basil, the right amount of cheese and always fresh toppings. I’m salivating just thinking about it! While Una has a fabulous wine list, I typically opt for their house red - it’s a super wine, medium bodied, ruby coloured red from Emilia-Romagna, Italy. This paired with their spicy salami pizza and you have yourself a match made in heaven.

My second favourite pizza-wine combo is of the DIY version. Homemade pizza is awesome because you get to try out all your pizza topping fantasies. For me, I love BBQ chicken pizza. I totally cheat and use rotisserie chicken and premade dough from Pillsbury – but it still turns out delicious. I usually pair this with Castillo de Monseran Garnacha. It’s a great wine with pizza as its medium bodied, with medium tannins and super juicy. I find it holds up well next to the acidity of the tomato sauce. And the price point can’t be beat at about 10 bucks a bottle. Score!

Now it’s not particularly difficult to pair pizza with wine, you can go with a rich bodied white wine like a viognier or celebrate the week with a glass of bubbly and of course, your favourite slice. For me, it’s all about that perfect pairing of red wine and pizza. Just make sure you’re not over powering the pizza with too heavy a red – this is not the job for your big cabernets, as they’ll just overpower. Look for reds with high acidity and a moderate tannin, medium bodied, juicy and with a dash of fruit. 

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