“Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

There seems to be a common misconception that sparkling wines should be reserved for special occasions, I say, to heck with that! Everyday should be a special occasion. In my opinion, bubbles are ALWAYS better. I adore sparkling wines – Champagne, Prosecco , or Cava, the list goes on and I enjoy it all. There’s just something about the fizzy appearance and the bubbly taste. They’re happy little notes that bounce off your tongue and travel all the way to your belly. They seem to dance in the glass and generally make any day, a better day.

It wasn’t always this way. I still remember feeling very grown up and purchasing my first bottle of champagne at the tender age of 20 for a New Year’s Party. The excitement built as midnight approached and we could pop the top of that magnificent bottle. The clock struck 12 and into our little plastic champagne flutes our liquid gold flowed. But sadly that first experience wasn’t magical and I wasn’t instantly mesmerized. In fact, I think I may have uttered, “YUCK.”

Flash-forward a few years (ok, maybe more than a few) and I seriously cannot get enough of this golden nectar. Sparkling wine is my go-to when it comes to casual wine drinking. Whether it’s in the backyard enjoying a glass of prosecco on a summer day or hanging out with my girlfriends sharing a good bottle of champagne; sparkling wine is easy, refreshing and seriously fun. One of my favourites is La Marca Prosecco, it’s a bit drier, but super fruity and fresh, and it’s under 20 dollars a bottle.  My second favourite is actually from Costco. Their Kirkland Signature Brut is pretty awesome and is a favourable opponent to the popular, more expensive champagnes and comes in at under 40 dollars a bottle.

Other than being fun to drink, I find that Champagne is super versatile and a great match for food. Since it tends to be lighter, with a great acidity that cuts through richer more decadent dishes and doesn’t shy in the face of high-acidity foods like tomatoes or citrus it’s the perfect pairing for a lot of my favourite meals. For example, I love brunching and I love pairing a fabulous mimosa with a delicious frittata. For dinner, it’s super easy to match champagne with a simple dinner of grilled chicken breast.

So fellow bubbly-drinkers go forth! Go forth and drink those sparklers no matter the occasion, because sometimes the only reason you need, is the fact you have a great bottle!

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