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How to talk about wine


Wine region of North-Eastern Spain, near Barcelona that produces hearty, dark red wines.


A large barrel or cask used for storing, transporting or aging wine, especially dessert wine. Pipes vary in size between 110 to 140 US gallons.

Pinot Blanc

A white grape member of the Pinot family, whose other members include Pinot Grigio (also white), Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier (both red), this...

Petit Verdot

Red wine grape variety most often grown in Bordeaux and used for blending with Cabernet Sauvignon.

Paso Robles

Grape growing and wine producing region in Central California most noted for the high quality of Rhone varietals.


A full, mellow, rich wine.


A type of wood used for making wine barrels. The wine may sit in these barrels after fermentation for a period of time. Oak treatment can impart...

Mise En Bouteille

French term which literally means: put in bottle.


The Mâcon Appellation is located in Southern Burgundy, on the right bank of the Saône River, just North of the city of Mâcon. The soil there...

Late Harvest

Grapes that are picked as late as possible in the season for maximum sugar content. Usually associated with sweet or dessert-style wines.


The traditional container for Douro wine, this large, low granite vat has a capacity of 110 hectolitres.


A wine made according to strict Jewish rules under close supervision.


An oversized bottle holding the equivalent of six bottles. In Champagne, a jeroboam holds four bottles.


Hedonistic wines can be criticized because in one sense they provide so much ecstasy that they can be called obvious, but in essence, they are...


A sickness that attacks grape vines caused by very small insects. It only destroys certain varieties of vine plant.


Portuguese term for sparkling wine made in the traditional Portuguese method.


The science of wine-making.


French term that refers to what a winemaker may do to his/her wines in the winemaking process between fermentation and bottling.


A small amount of wine (usually sweet) that is added back to the bottle once the yeast sediment that collects in the neck of the bottle is removed....


Drinks that are served before or after a meal

Great French Wine Blight

Catastrophic blight of the mid-19th century, which decimated the European wine industry and numerous vineyards; the event was caused by an aphid...

Malolactic Fermentation (MLF)

Fermentation with a bacteria that converts tart-flavoured malic acid present in grapes, into a softer-tasting lactic acid; occasionally runs...


Berries (yes, grapes are actually considered BERRIES) from the grapevine plant which are crushed, fermented, bottled, and drank with vigor by...

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