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How to talk about wine


A wine which is not yet mature (its character is not fully developed). Some wines can be served young and some wines are better left to age.


The amount of grapes harvested in a particular year.


A living microscopic organism discovered by Louis Pasteur in 1857. Louis Pasteur realized that fermentation was caused by yeast. It is responsible...

Yarra Valley

Located Northeast of Melbourne, Australia, this small growing region is best known for Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Yakima Valley

This wine region is in the south central part of Washington State and was the first designated AVA in the Northwestern region. It is the subsection...


A way to describe odours coming from varietal yeasts carried on grape skins, moulds etc… It can be both a desirable and undesirable characteristic...


This term describes the odours that come from varietal yeasts carried on grape skins, moulds etc. It includes both desirable and undesirable...

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