Tasting Terms 

How to talk about wine


Fermented juice made from the berries of the grapevine.


A place that produces wine. It usually contains tanks, processing equipment, storage, tasting and retail areas. A winery is usually located on,...

Wine Thief

A sampling tube made from clear glass or plastic that has a narrow opening at either end. It is used so one can “steal” a wine sample from the...

Wet Dog

The aroma of a wet horse or wet dog that may waft from a wine. Generally an undesirable quality.


The German word for a Wine Road. A Wine Road is a tourist route that connects many wineries in a given area. Following a Weinstrasse is an excellent...


The German word for a winery. See also, winery.


The German word for wine.


A wine that has a grassy flavour to it.


This is a positive attribute of a wine and insinuates that the wine possesses a high alcohol flavour which is offset by counterbalancing flavours...


The person in charge of making wine at the winery. The winemaker may be in charge of the whole company or only the fermentation, aging and bottling...


Woody implies that the wine has been in a wooden container for too long which has resulted in the absorption of other wood flavours besides “oak”.


A well-balanced wine has all of the essential elements that make a wine amazing working together in perfect harmony – i.e. alcohol, flavours,...


A wine that is generally well-structured, but has a mildly excessive flavour or “heaviness”.


A synonym for meager or thin.

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