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How to talk about wine


The classic white grape of the northern Rhone Valley of France where it makes the expensive wine known as Condrieu. Now also made in California...


A wine based beverage that originated in Italy and is often served as an aperitif.


The stage when grapes begin to gain colour and soften.


The Spanish word for vintage, harvest or year of production. Also see, cosecha


Refers to the variety of grape used in a wine after it has been bottled. A varietal wine is made from one type of grape while a blend uses several...

Vendages Tardives (VT)

Late harvest method used to create dessert wines where grapes are left on the vines until they start to dehydrate which in turn concentrates...


The process of turning grapes into a bottle of wine.

Volatile Acidity (V.A.)

An index of bacterial activity, it measures the acetic acid or vinegar content of a wine. Volatile acid arises only from microbial spoilage of...

Viticultural Area

A legal grape-growing area distinguished by geographical features such as climate, soil, elevation, history and other definable boundaries. The...


A farm where you grow grapes. Grapes grow on grapevines either in single rows or on a trellis system. They are usually watered with an irrigation...

Vintage (Vintage Date)

The year in which the grapes for a wine were grown.


The natural process of the alcohol in the wine turning into a volatile acid called acetic acid during fermentation. Every wine includes a little...


The study and science of grape production for the purpose of making wine.


The Spanish word for vineyard.

Vin Santo

Literally means holy wine, this is a sweet wine from Tuscany made from late-harvest Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes and was often used as a sacramental...

Vinho Verde

Literally means green wine in Portuguese, but this does not refer to the colour it refers to a wine best drunk when young.

Vin Doux Naturel

A sweet French wine that has been fortified with brandy.

Vin de Pays

Literally, means wine of the country in French and is used for categorization purposes.

Vin de Paille

French for wine of straw, this is a sweet wine produced from grapes that have been dried on straw mats.


The French word for wine.


Used to describe an assertive, strong bodied wine.


This French hybrid white wine grape is most often used in the Eastern USA.


The French term meaning wine growing area or vineyard.

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