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Famous river in Germany. Wines produced in the wine region near or around it have that name on the bottle as the designation of origin.


A good descriptor for wines sampled straight from the barrel. It refers to the fact that the wine is young and undeveloped. Raw wines are often...


The name of a medium-dry style of Madeira wine. The origin of this wine is a little sketchy but thought to have come from 18th century England.


This white grape is grown in the northern Rhone Valley of France. It is most often used for blending with the white wine grape Marsanne.


French for “pink,” this term is also a colour category of wine. The wines in this category tend to be pink in colour but are made from red grapes.

Room Temperature

Room temperature is usually 69-73 degrees Fahrenheit or 20-23 degrees Celcius. This temperature is generally too warm to serve red wine. The...


A Spanish wine region known for traditional red wines made from the Tempranillo grape.

Right Bank

This is a term usually used in the context of Bordeaux. Right Bank Bordeaux wines refer to wines coming from Saint Emilion and Pomerol. In general...


The renowned white grape of Germany, Austria and the Alsace region of France. Riesling is a cold climate grape and when it has perfect conditions...


A unique Italian wine-making method where the wine made during the current vintage is saved, put on top of the pressed grape skins and other...


The process of rotating Champagne bottles to shift sediment toward the cork. Known as remuage in French.

Rhone Variety Wines

A grouping of 22 related varietals from the Rhone appellation.


The name of the river, valley and wine producing region in south-west France. The villages in this famous wine region produce wines mostly from...


A German wine region along the Rhine River, highly regarded for its steep vineyards most of which face due south creating excellent climate and...


A dry white wine made in Greece. It is a wine made when pine resin is added to the grape juice during fermentation. Usually the Savatiano grape...


A process used in the making of Champagne whereby the sediment is removed after secondary fermentation in bottle.


Oversized bottle equivalent to 4.5 litres or six regular bottles.


A city in north-eastern France which along with the town of Epernay make up the centre of the Champagne region.


Commonly used to describe a wine that has not been exposed to air.


A sweet wine from the Veneto region of north-eastern Italy, made from very ripe grapes.


The term used to describe young white wines with a sharp acidity.


A synonym for “rough”.


A wine with flavours and tactile sensations that give a feeling of completeness with no dominating characteristic. Round is almost the same as...

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