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How to talk about wine


The vineyard chore of trimming back the vines.


Wine region of North-Eastern Spain, near Barcelona that produces hearty, dark red wines.


A large barrel or cask used for storing, transporting or aging wine, especially dessert wine. Pipes vary in size between 110 to 140 US gallons.

Pinot Blanc

A white grape member of the Pinot family, whose other members include Pinot Grigio (also white), Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier (both red), this...

Petit Verdot

Red wine grape variety most often grown in Bordeaux and used for blending with Cabernet Sauvignon.

Paso Robles

Grape growing and wine producing region in Central California most noted for the high quality of Rhone varietals.


An American plant parasite (insect) that attacks European grapevine stock; American grape species have evolved natural defenses against phylloxera...

Pétillant (AKA Pétillante / Petillant)

French word meaning sparkling, bubbly or fizzy. Petillant wines range from slightly sparkling often collecting a few dozen or more bubbles on...

Pure Yeasting

Uses cultured yeast for fermentation to convert the must in the wine. Its reactions are more predictable than the ‘spontaneous’ yeast in grapes;...


A deep indentation found in the bottom of many wine bottles. The earliest origins of the punt are lost to us but punts are believed to be for...


A wine with a powerful, assertive smell linked to a high level of volatile acidity.

Pumping Over

The act of pumping wine out from the bottom valve of a fermenting tank up to the top of the fermenting mass in the same tank to keep the floating...


Wine region in Southeastern France, boasting an enviable Mediterranean climate, and well known for dry rosés and fruity red wines.

Private Reserve

This description, along with Reserve, once marked the best wines a winery produced, but without an official legal definition many wineries began...


A wine with slight residual gas in it. This can be a positive attribute in light young white wines, but in reds it is often a sign of re-fermentation...

Primary Fruit

The fruity overtones of a young wine where distinct berry or cherry influences are present – wines can lose primary fruit as they age picking...


Scale for measuring and expressing the alcohol content of high alcohol liquids mainly for spirits. Proof is never used for wine. The proof of...

Press Wine

The juice that is extracted under pressure after pressing for white wines and after fermentation for reds. Press wine has more flavour and aroma,...


A Portuguese fortified wine, also known as Oporto. It is richly flavoured and sweet. There are a number of different styles: tawny – aged in...


A wine that is intense and powerful.


French Village on the right bank of the Dordogne, where some noteworthy Merlot-based red wines are produced.


The pomace is the residue of the harvest. It contains stems, skin and pits. It can be distilled to obtain raw brandy.


A derogatory name for cheap, poor-tasting wine.

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