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How to talk about wine

Blind Tasting

Tasting wines with the labels hidden, so you don’t know what you are tasting. This tasting method prevents bias opinions.


The combining of different lots of wine to make a final wine with certain characteristics. A wine may be a blend of different grape varieties...

Blanc de Blanc

French for “White of whites”. This is often a term used for Champagne or sparkling wines. It refers to a white wine made of white grapes, such...


A smell characteristic that is associated with red wines. Wines from the Rhône region often have very intense blackcurrant smells. The intensity...

Black Rot

Fungus disease of grape vines.


A marked degree of acidity or tannin. An acid grip in the finish should be more like a zestful tang and is tolerable only in a rich, full-bodied...

Biodynamic Cultivation

This organic approach to viticulture was influenced by the theories of Rudolph Steiner. It incorporates elements of astronomy into the idea of...

Bin Number

A term sometimes used for special wines, limited edition wines, and ordinary wines. It is often used to differentiate between lots, as in Stag’s...


The process of storing newly bottled wine in bins for bottle aging prior to labelling and shipping to market.


A category of fruit that is small, juicy, and brightly colored. It can be sweet or sour and does not have a stone or pit, but may contain pips...


The Pradikat Q.m.P. category defined by the German Wine Law, literally meaning “selected berries”. It’s made with botrytized grapes for an intensely...


A special clay material used as a fining agent for wine. It is used to avoid the formation of a sediment in the bottle.


Term for reds meaning solid or chunky.


A term used to describe the bubbles in sparkling wine.


A measuring system used to measure specific gravity. It is the measure of the sugar of un-fermented grape juice. 1° Baumé is roughly equivalent...


The action of stirring lees or deposits left after fermentation in the barrel to ensure that oxygen is carried directly to the bottom. This prevents...


This agency regulates the production and sale of alcoholic beverages in the US. It is the acronym for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms,...

Basket Press

A wooden press used in the early days of Australian wine-making and by some winemakers for certain wines today. This press is used to press the...

Barrel Fermentation

A method of fermentation done in barrels. Fermenting a wine in small oak barrels rather than large stainless steel tanks can noticeably affect...

Barreling (Barreling Down)

The action of putting the wine in barrels and sealing them for aging.


A container used to hold and age wine. It comes in a variety of sizes and is usually made of wood. The most popular type of wood used is oak....


A name of an Italian red wine produced in the village of Barolo. It is made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes. Barolo is in the Piedmont region, near...


A smell that can waft from wine which smells like a barnyard or farmyard.

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