What Is ZIPZ Wine? – Before Shark Tank

ZIPZ Wine (or ZIPZ Packaging Technologies) is a New Brunswick based packaging company that had the vision of creating portable, single-serving, packaged wines. The wines are packaged in a plastic vessel similar to a wine glass with a dual-function screw-top lid & coaster. The concept is simple: The consumer “zips” the packaging off the glass, unscrews the lid, attaches it to the bottom of the glass like a coaster and enjoys the wine. The company boasts that the portable wine glass is spill/leak-proof and feels similar to glassware. ZIPZ Wine was a joint venture, created by Andrew McMurray, President of Zachys Wine and Liquor, and J. Henry Scott, the visionary behind the ZIPZ Wine concept.


ZIPZ Wine On Shark Tank

In 2014, Andrew McMurray took the ZIPZ product to Shark Tank making a proposal for a $2.5 million dollar investment for 10% of ZIPZ. This was a rather large investment that shocked the judges, but confidently, Andrew did a great job of marketing the product, showing off its sturdiness and precise design – holding up to his body weight as he stood on top of the container. The idea of the product was to provide convenience and be an alternative or replacement to miniature cups and liquor containers.


Similar Product in the Shark Tank – ZIPZ vs Copa di Vino

While Lori and Robert both believed the concept was clever, it rang extremely similar to a product previously seen on the Shark Tank, Copa di Vino, a resealable alcoholic beverage container by James Martin who appeared on the Shark Tank twice, but declined both deal offers.

So, what set ZIPZ Wine apart? For one, Martin didn’t own the patent of the technology he was using and second, McMurray was in both the wine and packaging industry – which means ZIPZ had their own wine but also provided licensed packages.


ZIPZ Wine – The Biggest Deal In Shark Tank History

In the end, Kevin O’Leary was willing to invest on one condition: he must have the option to buy another ten percent for the same amount in the situation of an exit. While Andrew made a call to the ZIPZ Wine Co-Founder & CEO, J. Henry Scott to discuss this deal, Kevin O’Leary revealed that this product would be perfect for Costco – guaranteeing it a success. All-in-all, ZIPZ secured the biggest deal in Shark Tank history, receiving their requested $2.5M dollar deal.


CLIP: Watch Zipz Wine Shark Tank Episode Below


Watch ZIPZ Wine On Shark Tank


ZIPZ Update – Where is Zipz Wine Now After Shark Tank?

After Shark Tank, Kevin O’Leary was ready for ZIPZ to take the world by storm. He partnered with his own company, O’Leary Fine Wines, to use their technology to make this product a hit.


ZIPZ Wine – Beyond The Tank

In April 2016, ZIPZ Wine was seen on Beyond The Tank, the Shark Tank spin-off that takes a look into the challenges businesses take after appearing on Shark Tank. They discussed their largest challenge: Sales were growing, but ZIPZ couldn’t keep up with the high demand due to their production facility not having the resources or space to support that volume. Kevin O’Leary was concerned with the growth of the company, while it was good as they were making an impact in Stadiums, O’Leary had hoped for partnerships with restaurants and retail chains – like Costco.

In a meeting with McMurray, O’Leary outlined that they would need to set up distribution channels immediately. Next, they would need to meet their orders by partnering with a large co-packing facility. And lastly, and the biggest challenge– ZIPZ had $4.5 million left which was only enough to keep the business going for another 18 months. See how the pulled it together:


Watch ZIPZ Wine on Beyond The Tank


Where to buy ZIPZ Wine – Did ZIPZ Wine Make It To Costco?

No, unfortunately, ZIPZ did not make it to Costco – and are currently out of the winemaking business. For a short period of time, you were able to purchase ZIPZ wine on websites like Amazon and in stores, but since leaving the winemaking business, you can only license their packages. However, you can still purchase other wines in ZIPZ containers from Zachys Liquor.


From ZIPZ Wine to ZIPZ Packaging

ZIPZ Wine has officially rebranded to ZIPZ Packaging. No longer making wine, and only providing packaging and licensing services. You can learn more about what’s happening with ZIPZ here.