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A Sparkling Wine Gift for Every Occasion

Sparkling wines are the best for any type of occasion. Not only are they a crowd pleaser when it’s time to pop the cork, but they taste just as good on their own as they do with food. Not to mention they work well in a variety of cocktails. They’re a popular gift to give when attending a celebration. So, to help you choose the right wine to gift at your next celebration, we have listed out a few different celebrations and what would go best with each.


Sparkling Wine for Casual Parties

Casual parties can go one of two ways. They can be mellow and relaxed, having you in bed by ten, or you can be out until midnight enjoying your time with friends. That is why we recommend gifting Prosecco for this type of occasion. Its versatility gives you the option to sip from a glass or drink straight from the bottle.


Bubbles to Celebrate the Holidays

No matter what holiday you are celebrating, these types of celebrations are always full of cheer, laughter and lots of booze. Because these gatherings tend to be a little more special and planned out than casual parties, we recommend gifting Crémant. Its creamy, nutty taste goes well with holiday meals and desserts.


Birthdays and Sparkling Rosé

Of course, this particular type of gift can vary depending on your friend’s preference in sparkling wine. However, if you aren’t sure what they like or if you want your gift to be a surprise, Rosé is the way to go. It’s yummy, classy and is a lot more fun to look at than regular champagne.

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Bubbles to Celebrate Graduations

Graduation is a monumental milestone in someone’s life and should be celebrated accordingly. Assuming the graduate you are celebrating is of age, we recommend giving the gift of Cava. Not only is this a fan favorite, but it lets them know that you are proud of their accomplishments without breaking the bank.


Sparkling Wine for Weddings

Someone’s wedding is arguably one of the most important days of their life, and your gift should reflect that. Depending on your price limit and relationship to the bride and groom, we recommend gifting a nice bottle of Champagne. It should be something they can enjoy on their honeymoon and toast to their new life together.


Anniversary Bubbles

Anniversaries are a time for two people to celebrate their love and time spent together so far. Sekt is the perfect gift for this occasion. It has lovely fruity and floral aromas and has a low alcohol content, so they can enjoy the whole bottle together in one sitting.


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