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Because drinking champagne usually signifies a celebratory moment, you are going to want it in a glass that represents that special time. With the many different types of sparkling wine, it only makes sense that there be a few different glasses to choose from as well. Here are the four most popular types of sparkling wine glasses:


The Champagne Flute

The flute is the most popular type of glass for sparkling wine. It has an elongated shape with a tall, thin stem that makes it easy to hold when cheersing or doing a toast. It has been said that it doesn’t enhance the aromas and flavours of the wine. However, the flute glass shape is designed to keep the bubbles longer.


The Sparkling Wine Tulip

The tulip-shaped wine glass is similar to the flute with a long stem, but has a more narrow top and wider bow. This shape is meant to trap the aromas of the sparkling wine inside, giving you a better overall flavor and taste.


The Stemless Glass

This a more unique style of champagne glass that has no stem at all. This shape was designed to maximize taste and be harder to knock over. It is perfect for casual celebrations.


The Traditional Coup

The coup is a more traditional style of a wine glass. It has a short stem and wide bowl that does not hold as much bubbly as the others, but looks very sophisticated and elegant when you hold it. The bubbles dissipate easier in a Coup, so the more modern usage is for cocktails.


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