Loire Valley, The Garden of France

When I think of France and where I like to go when I am there, I immediately think of what is dubbed “The Garden of France”, the Loire Valley. Imagine a region 800 kilometers long starting off at the mouth of the Atlantic and ending in the center of France. The Loire boasts a river that is 280 kilometers in length. Still used for trade and agriculture, it is also beautiful – touring the Loire by riverboat is still one of the best ways to visit wine country.


The Lush Beauty of the Loire Valley

Not only is the Loire diverse in landscape, it is also home to many beautiful chateaux thanks to the nobility in the 10th century and onwards. The royal family built summer homes here, and the nobility followed this posh idea to create summer escape pads away from their daily lives. The lush beauty of the lands attracted the eyes of some of the greatest landscape architects of their generation, and it is those people we can thank for the gardens we can visit today. Since 2000, the center of the Loire has been a UNESCO heritage site.


The Wine Diversity of the Loire Valley

If wine is your thing, then a visit to this area is a must. A diverse landscape also comes with diverse wines. There are 87 AOCs (appellation d’origine contrôlée) in the Loire Valley today and wine made here can range from dry to very sweet, as well as bubbly, dessert-style, white, red and rosé.


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