Why Do You Spit Wine Out at a Wine Tasting?

We spit wine out at a wine tasting because with all that sampling, you don’t want to be intoxicated by the end of it all. It’s fun, informative, interesting and social, but a wine tasting event is not sloppy party. In order to get the most out of a wine tasting you really do need to have all your senses in good shape. There are those who say “well if it’s only a flight of 4 or 5 wines then I’m not going to spit it out I just enjoy it,” but most experts will tell you even just a little alcohol can muddle your senses. If you swirl your glass, take a sniff, sip, swish, and then spit, you still get a sense and taste of the wine and a taste is all you need. For more details on Wine Tasting check out Just Wine University’s Wine Tasting 200s Series and more specifically Wine Foundations 101


Now let’s learn how to spit with a little class rather than simply leaning over the bucket found on each tasting table station and spit-tooey-ing.

You want to use a bit of force when spitting, so you don’t get wine dribbling down your chin. That’s not a good thing, especially if you’re wearing white.

-David LeClaire, Seattle-based Sommelier

Leslie Kelly from Serious Eats also suggests “Don’t spit with such force that it splashes back up on you or your buds…if you take notes (like the pros do), that means setting down your wine glass and your spit cup,” and most importantly… “Take care you don’t accidentally pick up the spit cup and take a swig! Yes, I’ve seen it happen in real life”.


We found this video on How To Spit Wine by Whitney Adams particularly helpful:


Here’s Some More Wine Tasting Basics: