How Do You Keep Track of All Your Wine Tastings?

You think you’ll always remember which wine you liked best, but after several wine tastings, or a few weeks have passed, your memory might start to blur. Recording the things you have learned, which wines you enjoyed the most, favourite food and wine pairings, or what to bring to a dinner party is a great way to remember those experiences.


It’s time to record your experiences — start a wine journal!


Wine Journaling for the Stone Age: Pen and Paper

If you’re an old-fashioned type who likes pen and paper, there are plenty of well-crafted wine journals available like this one from MOLESKINTM.


Wine Journaling for the Modern Age: A Great Wine App

But let’s be serious – you’re not old fashioned, you’re on Just Wine – you’re a trend setter! Conveniently, all Just Wine Members get free access to their own, personal, digital cellar. This means, no pen, no paper, not forgotten or lost notes – just you, just your phone (or tablet, or home computer) and your notes everywhere you are. Make taking and storing notes super easy: just log on, search the wine you’re tasting, enter your review, save it, and share it (or save it for later). If you’re a little on the protective side, you can even keep your notes private, away from prying eyes.


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