Wine Slushies at Disney World? Sign Me Up

What is the one thing that could make the happiest place on earth a little happier? If you guessed wine, you read our minds. Lo and behold, Amorette’s Patisserie at Disney Springs in Disney World has done the unthinkable and started offering wine slushies. There’s kids everywhere, it’s hot outside and sometimes we all need to take the edge off, right?


A Wine Slushie for Red Wine Drinkers

Red wine lovers can enjoy a Strawberry Shiraz Slushie. Looks delicious.


A Wine Slushie for White Wine Drinkers

White wine lovers can enjoy a Mango Muscat Slushie. This Instagram user thinks it’s too sweet, but we think there’s no such thing!


These wine-infused slushies will definitely help you cool off in the summertime, but let’s be honest with ourselves – wine slushies are a year-round delight. Here’s hoping the trend catches on everywhere.

If you feel yourself getting wine drunk, here’s a helpful tool in keeping track of where you’re at!

Sometimes dreams really do come true!


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