We know everyone has heard of beer pong, but did you know that wine pong is now a thing? Ok for real though, it’s pretty obvious you can play wine/beer pong with any drink of choice. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing with beer, wine, champagne or prosecco, here’s everything you need to know.


Drink Responsibly!

Pause– Hold the Prosecco! Before we get into the rules of Wine Pong, we want to disclose that we do not promote binge drinking and advise our readers to always drink responsibly! For more information, click here to learn how to be a responsible drinker.


How to Play Wine Pong / Prosecco Pong Drinking Game


What You’ll Need to Play:

  • 20 plastic cups (or wine glasses if you’re classy af)
  • 1 rectangular table
  • 2 ping pong balls
  • Wine (red, white, rosé, prosecco, champagne, etc.)


Setup for a Standard Prosecco Pong Game:wine-pong-setup-justwine

  1. Pick teams: Wine pong is usually played with 2 teams of 2 but you can have as many people on a team as you’d like. Just take turns throwing!
  2. Arrange cups: Place your team’s 10 cups in a pyramid-like formation on your side of a table. Fill each cup with your desired amount of wine, prosecco, etc. Repeat this setup for the opposite team.
  3. Decide which team goes first: To determine this, have one player from each team shoot the ball while maintaining eye contact with their opponent throughout their shot. If both players miss or both players make it, their partners will throw next. This goes on until one person makes it and their opponent does not. The first team to sink a ball, goes first. Once the starting team has been decided, the game can start.


Wine Pong Gameplay:

The team that is going first will have both ping pong balls. Each person on one team will take a turn trying to throw one ping pong ball into the opponent’s cups that are filled with wine. When a ball is sunk, that team must remove the cup from the pyramid, drink the contents, and set the cup aside. The ball is allowed to bounce, or it can go directly into the cup, but read below for details on house rules. The game goes on until one team has no cups left. The team with remaining cups wins the game of wine pong.


House Rules for Wine Pong / Prosecco Pong:

There are a lot of different rules that can be added to your game of wine pong. You are more than likely going to learn a new rule every time you play. Here are some rules you should know about so you don’t look like a total wine pong newbie at your next house party.



Elbows is usually an unspoken rule… until someone breaks it. When shooting, your elbows must stay behind the edge of the table. This means no reaching as far as you can over the table to try and sink your ball into the opponents’ cups. If this rule is broken, the shot does not count.



During the game, each team can request a re-formation of the opposing team’s cups. Each team is allowed to do this twice per game at the start of their turn. You can not ask for a re-formation during “rollbacks” or during a “redemption round”.

Popular Re-Formations



Bounce Shots & Swatting:

If your ball hits the table (a.k.a. a “bounce shot”) before going into a cup, then 2 cups are removed. The cup you sank, and another cup of the defender’s choice. If there are only 2 cups left, the bounce shot will only remove the 1 cup. If a bounce shot is thrown, the defending team can swat the ball away before the ball hits a cup. Swatting is only allowed on a bounce shot. If a player swats on a non-bounce shot, the other team will get both balls back and shoot again.


Fingering & Blowing: (yes… you read that right)

If a ball is thrown and is spinning inside of the cup, the defenders can either try to flick the ball out with one finger. Instead of fingering the ball out, you can try to blow into the cup to get the ball out. Once the ball has settled into the wine, fingering & blowing are not allowed.



“Explosion” is when both partners sink their ball into the same cup. All cups touching the cup that was sunk will also be removed from the table. A variation to this rule is that only 3 cups are removed (the cup that was sunk, and 2 additional cups chosen by the defenders).


If you shoot and miss, and the ball rolls back towards you on the table you may grab the ball and re-shoot. This re-shot must be a trick shot. Throw the ball with your non-dominate hand, behind the back, blindfolded, off the wall, blow it out of your mouth… Get creative!


Death Cup:

If a player on the opposing team is still drinking their wine from a previous round, you can try to throw the ball into their cup. They must be holding the cup in order for this shot to count. If you are successful, your team automatically wins the game of wine and the other team must drink all the alcohol left on the table.


After the last cup is hit, each player from the losing team gets redemption. This is their chance to stay in the game. Each partner will get one shot to try and sink a cup. If they miss, it’s game over. If a cup is sunk during redemption, their last cup comes back into play and the game continues. Each team gets only one redemption round.


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Wine Pong – A Video Demonstration (with Kelly Clarkson)

In this video, they make Kelly answer a question after a ball is sunk. While this isn’t a traditional wine pong rule, try adding it to your next wine pong game to switch things up and learn secrets about your friends.


Practice Wine Pong a.k.a Prosecco Pong at Home:

Set up your own wine pong table and practice so you can dominate at your next house party. Don’t have time to set up everything? Check out this virtual wine pong game!


Looking for more fun drinking games to play with your friends?


Please drink responsibly.