Match Your Favourite Food With A Wine That Is Equally As Comforting

Romeo and Juliet, peas and carrots, and peanut butter and jelly-classic matchups require no additional explanation. The same goes for “no-brainer” wine and food pairing such as oysters and Champagne, clams and Chablis, and grilled Alberta steak and Malbec. But what about pairing wine with comfort food, that miscellaneous repast that usually consists of a hodgepodge of ingredients?

North American Comfort Food Favourites

Comfort food means different things to each individual, but if you exclude popular ethnic influences (how many people now have Vietnamese pho on their top five?), there remain some common North American favourites. As for pairing wine with them, there are no hard and fast rules to follow, but perhaps a few guidelines and suggestions will help you narrow down your bottle selection.

First thing to remember – if you are eating comfort food, go ahead and pick your comfort wine to drink with it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sipping a glass of gewürztraminer with a cheeseburger if that is what soothes your soul on a cold day or when you are just feeling blue (and if that is the colour of your cheese, it might be a good pairing indeed). Some people cannot be bothered to think about their pairings – they drink their favourite wine with anything they eat…. period.

Comfort Pairings for Wine Geeks

But for wine geeks or those that take their wine and food seriously, there is more to consider. Look at the main ingredients or flavour profile of the dish to see if a component stands out; also be aware of any ingredients that could clash. Another consideration – since comfort food generally isn’t fine dining, it generally doesn’t warrant opening your best bottle of Bordeaux, no matter how well dressed you are (but go ahead if you can – we won’t judge).

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