Wine and coffee lovers everywhere are losing their minds. We can now, in fact, have our cake and eat it too! Wine-infused coffee has hit the market and we’re all so excited to have our morning coffee and evening wine all in one cup!


What is Wine-Infused Coffee? How is Wine-Infused Coffee Made?

Besides being the greatest invention ever, Wine-Infused Coffee is coffee with slight taste and aroma of wine. The coffee beans are left to sit in artisan-crafted wine and then dried out, roasted and brewed like regular coffee. This leaves us with delicious coffee with berry notes, like those of red wine.


Does wine-infused coffee get you drunk?

No, fortunately, (or maybe unfortunately)– wine-infused coffee does not get you drunk. The brew does not contain alcohol, so you won’t get your co-workers hammered if you decide to put some wine-infused coffee beans in the office coffee maker.


Who Created Wine-Infused Coffee?

If you’re wondering who came up with this wonderful creation, that would be Napa Valley’s Molinari Caffe. They spent 2 years creating this wine-coffee hybrid through house-made red wine and carefully selected coffee beans.

Molinari’s website says:

“the full-bodied coffee relaxes in a beautiful wine, absorbing the wine’s nose and history. The coffee is then carefully dried and hand-roasted in small batches.”

Professional tasters say the coffee tastes “rich” and “full-bodied” with hints of “small dark fruit” such as blueberries.


Where Can I Buy Wine-Infused Coffee?

Okay, okay. We’ll get to the good stuff. You can buy wine-infused coffee at Molinari Caffe on 828 Brown Street, Napa Valley, CA or the Molinari Caffe website retailing at $19.95 USD.



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