Looking back on 2019, top trends included: canned wines, low alcohol & alcohol-free wines, cannabis-infused drinks (beer and wine included), vegan wines, and sustainable production. As we move into 2020, experts are forecasting that these trends will carry forward into the new year, but we can expect a bit more this year too…


2020 Wine Trends and Predictions
What’s can we expect in the wine industry?


Is the wine industry growing?

Global consumption of wine by volume expected to decline in 2020

Although it is expected that the volume of wine sold will rise to 281 million cases by 2022, it’s also predicted that there will be a decline marginally, but in place of quantity, it’s expected that consumers will be pursuing higher-quality private label wines instead of price-point purchases alone.


What is the future of sustainable wines?

Sustainability is expected to continue in 2020

However scrutiny and adherence will become paramount as consumers investigate the marketing claims made by many of these brands. It’s not enough for brands to say they’re executing sustainable practices, they’ll need to prove it too.


What countries will drink the most wine?

Low profile wine countries are predicted to become more popular in 2020

Currently, the most established wine markets are in Europe, with France leading with the highest per capita consumption and Italy being the top net wine exporter. However, you can expect countries like Germany, South Africa, Portugal and Greece to become more popular as their pricepoints tend to be more competitive for quality wines.


What do wine consumers care about?

Quality, branding and customer service will play a large factor in what drives consumers to buy a wine

Customer experience along with brand identity and presentation (a.k.a. packaging) will continue to drive innovation in the wine industry in 2020. With leaders turning focus to packaging innovation (reducing carbon footprint, green-friendly packaging, and unique designs or brands that stand out from their competition), function and aesthetics. Brand stories and identities will continue to drive customer loyalty and we expect to see smaller brands, with smart and effective communication strategies, will continue to connect and grow their consumer base.


What will be the most popular wine of 2020?

The Rise of Sherry?

Chad Williams of Friday Saturday Sunday in Philadelphia predicts that sherry will grow in popularity following “The Amari Trend” of 2019. Sherry sort of bridges the gap between wine and spirits. It’s a higher-alcohol and dry-style dessert wine that most consumers just don’t know a lot about.

For 2020, this remarkably affordable fortified wine (affordable for the effort involved in producing it) is beginning to see a rise in popularity and perhaps we’ll see this under-rated option return to an upward trend.


In conclusion…

As 2020 drives forward the wine industry will also be faced with emerging topics, current events and increasing awareness on cultural areas of interest. Topics like health and lifestyle, environment and global warming, and of course food and drink, all directly affect the wine industry.

We will see how these emerging topics shift the industry in the year to come.


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