Love the holidays, but hate holiday shopping? We get it. Choosing the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list can be stressful, but this year we’ve made it easy for you: Get everyone wine!

Maybe we’re a little biased, but what better gift to give than the gift of wine? It makes a great stocking stuffer and definitely brings some holiday cheer to Christmas dinner.

We’re sure you’re wondering, “What wine should I buy for a gift?” or “what’s a good wine for a gift?” Well, of course, we’ve got your back with this awesome guide to wine-gifting for everyone on your holiday list.

And we’ve even added in a little something for those under the legal drinking age or friends who don’t drink! (You can thank us later.)


Your Ever-So-Loving Parents

The Best Wine to Buy for Parents: Rioja Gran Reserva

Looking for the perfect holiday wine for your parents? Go with a Rioja Gran Reserva. A lot of time and love goes into the making of this remarkable wine, so it’s a great Christmas gift to give to someone who has put a lot of love into raising you and loves wine. And as a bonus, this wine ages well… just like your parents.

A Holiday Rioja Gran Reserva We Recommend
Bodegas Faustino I Rioja Gran Reserva


The Love of Your Life (aka your S.O.)

The Best Wine to Buy for Your Significant Other: Syrah

You want to find the perfect holiday wine to gift your significant other. A wine that symbolizes love and how special they are to you. Which is why you should pick up a Syrah! Syrah is all about rich, deep fruit and has that little bit of spice that everyone needs in their love life. So, let your significant other know just how deep and spicy you like it with this wine gift for the holidays.

The Perfect Holiday Syrah Wine For Your Love
Tightrope Winery Syrah


Your Trendy Sibling

The Best Wine to Gift Your Brother or Sister: Rosé

Wondering what holiday wine to gift your YouTuber, Viner, Instagrammer… (whatever-other-social-hype-r) sibling? Rosé. All day. Something bubbly, something pink, something lit.

The Perfect Holiday Rosé
Red Rooster Rare Bird Series Rosé


Your Hipster Niece/Nephew

The Best Wine to Gift Extended Family: Grüner Veltliner

Hipsters march to the beat of their own drum, which is why a Grüner Veltliner is the perfect holiday wine gift for your hipster niece or nephew. The grape itself just sounds like something a hipster would say. It’s not too common, it’s a little out of the ordinary and pairs well with VSCO filters and the food they’ll want to Instagram.

The Best Holiday Grüner Veltiner
Meinklang Burgendland Grüner Veltliner


Your “Always-Prepared” Uncle

The Best Wine to Gift Your Uncle: Pinot Noir

Alright, so chances are your uncle already has a mickey in his bag, but gift him a holiday wine anyway. Pinot Noir is a wine that will go with nearly any cuisine, so he’ll be glad to pair it with every dish at Christmas dinner. It’s complex without being too bold and easy to drink for any occasion.

A Holiday Pinot Noir We Recommend
L. Tramier & Fils Pinot Noir


Your Label Chaser Sister-In-Law

The Best Wine to Gift Your In-Laws: Premier Cru Bordeaux

You probably have someone on your list who is a bit of a… well, wine snob. So you have to bring your A-Game when putting a holiday wine in their stocking. We’d say go with a Premier Cru Bordeaux. It is some of the most sought after wine in the world for its history and reputation, so trust that this wine will always impress, but it’ll cost you a pretty penny this holiday season.

A Holiday Premier Cru Bordeaux We Recommend
Chateau Mouton Rothschild


Your Boss / Employer

The Best Wine to Gift Your Boss / Manager: Cabernet Sauvignon

So, it’s time to find the perfect holiday gift for your boss. They sign your paycheques and approved your holiday time off request, so you have to choose wisely. Go with a bold Cabernet Sauvignon. In its youth it can be a bit astringent, but mellows nicely as it ages. Strong, complex and sometimes a little in your face — just like your boss.

The Best Holiday Cabernet Sauvignon
Robert Keenan Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon


Your Party Animal Neighbour

The Best Wine to Gift Your Neighbour: Prosecco

Next on your holiday gift list is your wild and fun neighbour who’s loud parties have probably kept you up a few times. For a life-of-the-party neighbour, the perfect holiday wine gift would be a light and lively Prosecco. Prosecco goes with every celebration! It’s crushable and fun and always leaves you wanting another glass… and another… and another!

A Deliciously Bubbly Holiday Prosecco
La Tordera Extra Dry Prosecco


Your Closest Friend

The Best Wine to Give to Your Friend: Moscato d’Asti

Your best friend is probably ranking at one of your top 5 favourite people in the world, so you want to gift a holiday wine as sweet as them! Moscato d’Asti would be a great holiday wine gifting choice for your partner in crime. A little sweet, a little bubbly and pairs well with great conversation. Moscato d’Asti is an easy-going, fun wine with low alcohol which means you can drink more of it while spending the extra time with your bestie.

A Holiday Moscato d’Asti We Recommend
Saracco Moscato d’Asti DOCG


Your Care-Free Cousin

The Best Wine to Give to Your Cousin: Boxed Wine

For your care-free cousin, you need a holiday wine gift that says “I really don’t care what you think”, so you should definitely give the gift of boxed wine. It’s convenient, comes in large quantities, has great value and you can actually get pretty decent quality wine in a box these days.

A Holiday Boxed Wine We Recommend
Bota Box Redvolution California Red Blend


Your Socialite Hairstylist

The Best Wine to Give as a Holiday Gift: Champagne

Put on your best diamond necklace and shine up your cufflinks, the ultimate luxury wine for any high-class social gathering is Champagne. Delicate bubbles and complex flavours in a glass is the perfect holiday gift for the social butterfly on your list to clink with their upper crust friends.

The Perfect Holiday Champagne Gift
Champagne Billecart-Salmon Blanc de Blancs


Secret Santa

The Best Wine to Give for Secret Santa: Malbec

Choosing the perfect wine for Secret Santa can be a challenge, especially if you’re unsure of their wine preference. Your safest bet is to with a smooth Malbec. Malbec is middle ground for red wine drinkers. It’s a crowd pleaser and perfect for just kicking back and sipping.

The Perfect Malbec For A Holiday Gift
Chakana Nuna Estate Organic Malbec


The Hard-Working Teacher

The Best Wine to Give a Teacher: Port

You’ve got one last person on your gift list: the teacher. What wine should you gift a teacher? Well, if it’s your child’s teacher, your child is probably the reason this teacher drinks. If it’s your teacher, then your constant late assignments are the reason this teacher drinks… so either way, make sure the wine you git is high in alcohol. Port contains around 20% ABV which means it takes less to forget about the worries of the day. Of course, we don’t condone drinking in excess, but we do believe in more bang for your buck!

The Perfect Holiday Port
Quinta do Vallado 20 Years Tawny Port


Have someone on your wish list that’s under the legal drinking age?

Get them grape juice. Start ’em young. (This holiday gift also works well for friends who don’t drink!)

The Perfect Holiday Grape Juice
Welch’s 100% Grape Juice


Hopefully this list covers most of the wine lovers on your Christmas list.
If all else fails, keep the wine for yourself!

Happy Shopping!


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