For those of us who are a bit romantically challenged, choosing the right wine is an important part of a single woman’s life. Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Unfortunately, I can’t help you pick the right date – you’re on your own for that – but I can ease your mind when it comes to pairing wines for the right mood, occasion and maybe even the right person.


Women, Think Outside the (Wine) Box

When it comes to both dating and wine, it’s easy to stick with what you know or even to keep going back to what’s familiar, long after you’ve walked away. You really shouldn’t do that in your dating life, and you sure as h–e–double hockey sticks better not do that with wine! There are literally hundreds of thousands of options out there for you to try and they are all pleading with you to get out of your comfort zone and take a chance on something new. We tend to go back to the same handful of wines when we browse the shelves, while rejecting other fabulous recommendations. Maybe the label isn’t what you’re used to. Maybe you’ve never heard of that grape. Maybe it’s from a country you’ve never been to. Try it anyway! You just might fall in love with an unusual – and perfect – new addition to your collection. I highly recommend a bold Italian (wine) that will make your mouth water.


Cry (in your wine) If You Want To

Let’s face it. Break ups are never easy, no matter what the situation is or who made the decision. Breaking up is hard to do. Neil Sedaka even wrote a catchy little ditty about it (thanks, Mom). So it’s important to make sure you’re ready for anything as you deal with picking up the pieces and moving forward. If I was you (and, well… I am) I would grab a box of tissues, throw on The Vow, make some sweet and salty kettle corn popcorn. Then pair it with a lightly oaked California Chardonnay. My recommendation: Robert Keenan Spring Mountain District Chardonnay. Unlike you and your last partner, these two belong together.


Time to Celebrate your Single Status (with wine)

Picture this: you’re having a party with the people closest to you. Your bestie, your sister, the weird dude who lives in your basement suite, the clerk at your local liquor store… whoever it is, I’m not gonna judge you. You’re all gathered and the party theme is “Congratulations, you didn’t marry the wrong person!” What’s the best wine for this happy occasion, you ask? Bubbles! There’s always an occasion for good bubbly. Celebrate being single with a bottle of Prosecco. This style of sparkling wine is light and lively – which is exactly how you should feel knowing you didn’t settle for someone who wasn’t any good for you.


Single Gal Therapy: RoseYay! (rosé wine)

Besides the new pair of shoes you recently purchased thanks to retail therapy, what goes with absolutely everything? Rosé! It’s always the right wine for every mood and any food. Feeling cheery? Rosé works. Feeling down? Rosé will lift your spirits. Having grilled salmon? Pair it with Rosé. Strawberry tart with coconut meringue? Yup, it goes. A pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia while watching re-runs of Sex and the City? Oh, you bet!

Try my favourite: 50th Parallel Estate Rosé of Pinot Noir.


The Perfect Pairing (yes, wine)

Let’s get serious. Your new love interest has invited you over for dinner. You offer to bring wine because you’ve got a Somm in your pocket (JustWine). Now, don’t go asking me for advice about the date – I can barely put on my own oxygen mask first before I help you with yours. However, you can rest easy because JustWineApp will always be here for you to lend a helping hand when it comes to pairing with wine. It doesn’t matter whether you’re being treated to Tenderloin or Mac N Cheese, Just Wine can alleviate the stress of finding the perfect match. If you’re trying to impress, I recommend opening a bottle of Right Bank Bordeaux with that juicy piece of meat (get your mind outta the gutter, I was referring to the tenderloin). More concerned about your budget? There’s a wine for that. Try a Chilean Carmenere for fast food or that fast talker. It’s perfect when you want quality wine but you just don’t care enough to spend a lot.


Wine Words of Wisdom from a Single Somm

My final words of wisdom from a fellow single gal: celebrate your single status! There are so many options for an independent woman, you never need to settle for anything other than exactly what you want.


Now that you’ve got all that advice from our single sommelier, read on for more great wine wisdom: