Wine and Painting Parties are Popping Up Everywhere!

Wine and painting parties have become all the rage and are cropping up all across the country in big cities and small towns alike. In fact, they are becoming so common, it likely would not be hard to find a class or event near you. There are multiple adaptations, such as bring-your-own-bottle and combined crafting functions. Like most parties and classes, they can vary in cost. However, being such a popular thing to do with family and friends, it is easy to find inexpensive options for first-timers. Whether you go on your own or with a group you are guaranteed a great time.

Read on to uncover survival tips for your first wine and painting party to get you ready to experience a night of fun!


1. Wine and Painting Parties are for Everyone

First things first, wine and painting parties are open to people of all ages, even those legally unable to enjoy a glass of wine at which point they just become painting parties. However, most people that do attend wine and painting parties are of age to drink. Bring anyone from your best friends to your family and anyone in between as there will be ample space for everyone included in this wholesome activity. Expect to see a range of ages at your first painting party and do not be thrown off if you see very young faces seated beside you. Generally, the room will be full of of-age adults who, like you, enjoy paints and grapes.


2. Bring Your Own Wine and Leave the Rest to the Studio

Did you pack your paints, your smock, and buy your brushes in advance? No? Although you are free to do so, it will not be necessary. Most studios will provide everything for you from your easel down to your canvas and everything else in between. Do plan ahead and wear clothing you wouldn’t mind getting a splash or stain on if anything goes awry.

All you should worry about is selecting the finest bottle of wine to fit your tastes. Selecting your own bottle not only signifies to the room that you are of sophistication and refinement given that you have opted for this boozy art exploration, but that you also take your boozy undertaking seriously as you expertly execute your artistic thumbprint to present to the world.

Depending on where your party is hosted, you may be able to purchase your drinks from a bar although most places will encourage you to bring your own. Wine and painting parties are designed to be stress-free, there is no need to bring more than a bottle if you would like to drink and paint. Expect an all-around good time with no need for worry or strain.


3. It’s Free-Hand Painting — but with wine!

This will not be like your grade school paint-by-number kind of function. Although it wouldn’t be unwise to expect this as an option, free-hand drawing will likely be within your area of instruction and will carry you on toward a path of artistic expression. Some studios will suggest using a grid to keep your works focused and true to dimension.

If it is your first time attending one of these functions, it would be encouraged to paint the pre-selected photo supplied by the studio for your first rodeo. It will likely be a still-life or a landscape style painting provided for the class. From there on, if you choose to bring your own photo, be sure to bring a high-resolution photo of your significant other, loveable pet, or your recently Instagrammed meal that you just have to materialize onto canvas.


4. Experience Private and/or Themed Wine and Painting Events

Many studios will offer private parties open to groups in a range of sizes. If you will be attending a private event like a bridal shower or a team building event, the same rules will apply although, in this instance, wine bottles may be brought by the host. It would be encouraged to check in advance to be sure that this will be the case. Different places offering wine and painting courses may even have seasonal or festive events geared toward the occasion being celebrated.

During private events, the decision of what to paint may be selected by the host and attendees may be encouraged to paint the decided muse. These same tips hold true whether you attend a public or privately hosted event at a studio, center, or attend a wine and painting class in the home of a friend. The same idea holds true regardless of the group size and location, the course will be guided with tools and paints being supplied with the one exception of bringing your own bottle. Regardless, be open to making new friends, acquaintances, or building a relationship through this fun and unique experience.

Now that you’ve got a wine & painting survival guide, here are a few more quick reads on wine to get you ready for the experience (well, the wine part anyway!)