Woman drinks wine from Pringles can and gets banned from Wal-Mart


A Texas woman has been banned from Wal-Mart for one of the most epic reasons:


Riding an electric cart in the Wal-Mart parking lot while drinking wine out of a Pringles can.


During the early hours of Friday, January 13th at a Wal-Mart in Wichita Falls, Texas, police were called due to a woman reportedly riding an electric cart around the Wal-Mart parking lot for hours while sipping wine from a Pringles can. Texas Police found the woman moments later at a nearby restaurant, Pringles can in hand.

While the woman didn’t get a DUI, (since riding an electric shopping cart with a wine-filled Pringles can in hand doesn’t quite classify as “drinking and driving”)– she was banned from Wal-Mart by the request of the employees.

Now, there’s clearly a lot to process when reading this news story, but the first and most important question is: Why drink wine from a Pringles can? Was she out of clean wine glasses at home? Was the Pringles can more convenient than a cup? Well, actually, yes.


Here’s why we think you should drink your wine out of a Pringles can:


1. A Pringles can is the perfect size for a standard pour of wine

A Pringles container can hold around 5.02 to 6.41 fluid ounces, which is just a little over a standard pour of wine (which is 5oz). The standard wine glass holds about 8-12 oz, which is more than or even double a standard pour. Which essentially makes a Pringles can the perfect wine glass– (container?). You know, to prevent over-drinking.


2. The Pringles Can will enhance the flavour of your cheap wine

Also, drinking your wine out of a Pringles can can actually enhance the flavour of your wine. And no, we’re not shitting you. The salt from the Pringles pairs great with wine. Salt can enhance the flavour of any cheap, red wine. Now assuming Ms. Walmart Pringles Can Wine was drinking cheap wine, she probably didn’t even notice since the salt from the leftover Pringles crumbs in the container enhanced the flavour.

Not to mention, you have so many Pringles flavours to choose from, but make sure you pair your Pringles with the correct wine!

Check out our Wine and Pringles Pairing Chart

Wine + Pringles Pairing v3


3. A Pringles can make a damn good wine flask

In a way, Wine Pringles Can lady is kind of a genius. Putting wine in a Pringles can is probably cheaper and more inconspicuous than a flask and it even comes with a cap! But beware, it’ll probably get you banned from Wal-Mart and possibly many other grocery stores, so maybe keep this one at home.


We don’t want to condone any reckless behavior, or public drinking, but if you do decide to give this one a try at home, let us know what you think.