Wine Drinkers, It’s Time to Get Into the Weird and Wonderful World of Craft Beer

As a wine enthusiast, you would never let a friend try a mass produced, poor quality wine come to the conclusion “Nope! I hate wine.” Would you? Of course not. Your experience with beer should be the same. If you’ve tried a few mass produced beers and said to yourself, “Nope! I hate beer.” then as your friend, Just Wine just can’t let that happen.

It’s time to expose you to the wonderful and weird world of craft beer. You’ll find it’s actually much more closely related to the world of wine than to the world of mass produced beer. We think you’ll see so many similarities and we’re convinced that you may actually enjoy it.


Complexities and subtleties are a great reason for wine drinkers to drink craft beer, according to this Food & Wine article by Jillian Kramer:

A wine connoisseur loves the complexities and subtleties of a good glass of wine—a balance of sweetness, bitterness, acidity, and real body—which a good beer also has, says Anne Becerra, certified cicerone at Treadwell Park. “Fermentation-driven flavors found in beer are just as exciting as those found in wine,” she promises. “It can be just as elegant, just as refined, just as explosive, just as flavorful—and most times found at a fraction of the cost.” And, “just like wine, everyone has a [beer] entry point—if they have the patience to keep searching for it,” Benson says.


Here are the 3 Easy Steps for Wine Drinkers to Get into the World of Craft Beer:


1. Learn More About Craft Beer:

You already know a few things (or more) about wine and we bet it’s helped you appreciate that beverage more. Craft Beer is the same — the more you learn about it, the more you will be able to appreciate it and discover the style you like. Like wine, because there are so many different flavours, textures, aromas and styles of beer, it’s a good idea to learn some basics. We recommend scrolling through the Just Beer site for relevant topics from beer basics to niche articles. Here are a few:


2. Start Tasting Craft Beer

You are ready to get tasting. Enter the world of craft beer with an open mind and try a style that is similar to your favorite wine preference. Here are some of our suggestions that have some similarities like body or flavour characteristics.


You can find more excellent suggestions and explanations in the Food & Wine article “Which Beer You Should Drink If You Love Wine.


3. Find a Craft Brewery or Brew Pub Near You

We suggest you find a craft brewery near your place and set up a tour, talk to the brewer or asking questions of the Cicerone (aka: a Beer expert like a Sommelier). Like visiting a winery this is so helpful in learning about different styles, flavor profiles, production and more! Of course, it’s always better to find a great local brewery in your town or city and support the businesses within your community. It’s why we love #DrinkLocal!
Following these 3 steps will make your beer experience even better. Once you find a style you like the world is your open bottle. Feel free to check out our sister site JustBeer for more suggestions and to learn more at Just Beer University.


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