Have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered your favourite style of wine and wondered what your order says about you or what assumptions your waiter/bartender can make about your personality? Well, now you know! Grab a glass of your favourite wine and read at your own risk…


What Your Wine Choice Says About Your Personality


Cabernet Sauvignon

You are very organized and have pay a lot of attention to the details. You are the first person that comes to mind when a friend needs help with planning an event. Your meticulous characteristics are what make you very successful at work.

Cabernet Sauvignons we love:
2014 Cabernet Sauvignon BlendBadger Mountain Vineyard
2012 Cabernet SauvignonTrust Cellars



Your friends consider you “a riot” because you’re up to celebrate any occasion no matter what it is. You’re known for always being the best dressed in the room. Along with sparkly shoes, you enjoy the finer things in life.

Champagnes we love:
Dom Perignon ChampagneDom Perignon
Carte Blanche NVLouis Roederer



Like a Chardonnay, you are bold and have a true fan base (a.k.a. a strong group of loyal friends). Whether it is an outfit choice or deciding where your next vacation should be, you’re confident in every decision you make.

Chardonnays we love:
2013 ChardonnayBurrowing Owl Estate Winery
2009 ChardonnayRobert Keenan Winery



Ogres Malbecs are like onions, they have layers and like an onion/malbec your personality has many layers and you can be complex at times. At first, you can come off as mysterious and intimidating, but once people get to know you, they see will see that you have a genuine and loving personality.

Malbecs we love:
2010 MalbecAlpamanta Estate
2013 MalbecSur de Los Andes



Merlot is a classic, go-to wine style for many wine drinkers because it pairs well with a lot of meals. Like a Merlot, your personality also pairs well with a lot of other’s personality and you get along with pretty much anyone.

Merlots we love:
MerlotLautenbach’s Orchard Country
2012 MerlotBlack Sage Vineyard


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Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio lovers are known to be hopeless romantics. Your personality is charming and spontaneous. You are always finding new places to explore and love meeting new people on your travels. You’re still looking for your Mr/Mrs. Right because you have high expectations and refuse to settle.

Pinot Grigio wines we love:
2013 Pinot GrigioRidge Road Estate Winery
Pinot GrigioFolonari


Pinot Noir

Like a Pinot Noir, you are classy, sophisticated, and loved by many! You make smart decisions that lead you to be successful in all of your endeavours. While you are a hard worker, you also like to have your fun with friends and family. You’re also known for your amazing dance moves.

Pinot Noirs we love:
Pinot Noir – Anna De Codorníu Blanc de Noirs Brut
Blanc de NoirsSea Star Estate Vineyards



You have a sweet personality and are always willing to do things for other people, without expecting anything in return. Your happy-go-lucky lifestyle is what draws people towards you.

Rosés we love:
St. Croix RoséCedar Ridge Winery & Distillery
2016 Rosé Cabernet FrancHester Creek Estate Winery


Sauvignon Blanc

If a Sauv’ Blanc is your wine of choice, you’re sophisticated, demanding and receive a lot of respect from your peers. You know how to control situations and people often come to you for advice. You love attention and get it often.

Sauvignon Blanc wines we love:
Sauvignon BlancOyster Bay
Sauvignon BlancSimon Creek Vineyard & Winery


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