Try Reisling Wine if You Like Chenin Blanc.


Overview of Riesling Wine

A variety of styles from bone dry to very sweet. High in acidity and very aromatic.


How To Pronounce the grape Reisling: REES-ling


Why We Like Riesling Wine

  • It’s complex and varies depending on the region and the winemaking style, but always has racy, mouthwatering acidity.
  • Aged Riesling develops this weird “Petrol” (gasoline) aroma but then has a delicious honey-apricot flavour.


Flavours and Aromas of the Riesling Variety

  • Fruit: Green apple, Lime, Pear, Apricot, Mango
  • Floral: Honeysuckle, Jasmine
  • Spice: Smoke, Honey, Marzipan, Beeswax
  • Earth: Petrol, Moss, Wet Leaves, Fresh Mushroom


Where in the World Does the Riesling Grape Grow?

Old World Riesling Regions

  • Germany
  • Alsace, France
  • Austria,
  • Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine

New World Riesling Regions

  • Oregon & Washington, USA
  • Canada
  • Australia


Riesling Wine’s Perfect Food Pairings

  • Sushi
  • Asian dishes
  • Spicy food (with off-dry and sweeter styles of Riesling)
  • Desserts (with sweeter styles of Riesling)
  • Chicken and Fish
  • Glazed Ham (with off-dry style of Riesling)


Interesting Facts About the Riesling Grape:

Some of the most age worthy wine in the world is made from the Riesling variety.


Other Names for the Riesling Varietal:

Johannisberg Riesling.

Watch out for other names tied to Riesling that are completely different grape varieties, like Welschriesling (unrelated).


Our Favourite Finds for Riesling Wine

Fox Run Vineyards Finger Lakes Riesling

J. Bäumer Wines Riesling


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