Try a Muscat Ottonel wine if you like Gewürztraminer


Overview of the Muscat Ottonel wine varietal

Pale colour and a less aromatic than its cousin, Muscat Blanc.


Why we like the Muscat Ottonel varietal, grape and wine

The grape is really cold-hearty so we’re lucky to be able to grow it in cooler North American wine regions like the Finger Lakes AVA (New York), Niagara Peninsula (Ontario), and the Okanagan Valley, (British Columbia).


How to pronounce Muscat Ottonel:

MUSS-cot awt-on-NELL


Flavours and aromas of Muscat Ottonel wines

  • Fruit: peach, melon, pear, Meyer lemon
  • Floral: blossom, jasmine,
  • Other: honey, ginger, spice


Foods that go well with Muscat Ottonel wine – varietal pairings

  • Thai cuisine
  • Sushi (esp spicy dishes)
  • Salads with citrus dressing
  • Tofu
  • Sweeter styles can pair with fruit based desserts


Where are Muscat Ottonel grapes grown?

Old World Muscat Ottonel Regions

  • Alsace, France
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Croatia

New World Muscat Ottonel Regions

  • Canada (BC, Ontario)
  • USA (New York, Oregon)


Interesting facts about Muscat Ottonel wine

Muscat Ottonel is related to (but not the same grape as) Muscat Blanc and Muscat of Alexandria. It is believed to be a cross of Chasselas with Muscat de Saumur.


Other names for the Muscat Ottonel varietal include

Muskat-Ottonel (Germany)


Our favourite finds for Muscat Ottonel wine

Hillside Winery 2016 Muscat Ottonel
Famille Hugel 2015 Classic Muscat


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