Overview of the Argaman wine varietal

In Hebrew, Argaman means “deep purple” which is the exact colour of this fruity, medium bodied wine.


Why we like the Argaman varietal, grape and wine

  • we love discovering unique wine varietals and this one is rare!


How to pronounce Argaman:



Flavours and aromas of Argaman wines

  • Fruit: sweet, ripe black fruit
  • Herbal: mint
  • Other: Smoke, leather, spice


Foods that go well with Argaman wine – varietal pairings

  • Heavy, meaty pastas,
  • spinach-stuffed roasted veal
  • lamb shish kebabs
  • braised eggplant


Where are Argaman grapes grown?

Old World Argaman Regions

New World Argaman Regions

  • none recorded


Interesting facts about Argaman wine

The Argaman grape is a cross between cross between the Portuguese Souzão grape and the Carignan grape variety.

While the Argaman is mainly used unoaked, some winemaker’s are experimenting with oak-aging. It is often thought of as a cheap filler grape, however Segal Wines, owned by the Barkan Winery, won a gold medal at the Bordeaux Wine Competition for their Segal’s Single Vineyard Argaman 2007.


Our favourite find for Argaman wine

Segal’s Single Vineyard Argaman 2007


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