Time to Unwind

Whether it’s the bustle of holidays, a heavy workload, family drama or a never ending to-do list, life moves quickly and you need to take the time for a mini break. We’ve heard it said that happiness is a long, hot bubble bath. We agree, but we usually like to add a glass of wine to that experience. It’s for that very reason we put together a fabulous list of the best wines to drink during those long, hot soaks in a tub. No matter what is going on in the world around you, there’s a bubble bath and a glass of wine calling your name. Take the time to unwind before you take on the world.


“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” — Ferris Bueller


The Best Bubble Bath Wines


1. A Classic Pinot Noir

The last thing you want while you’re soaking in a hot tub full of bubbles is a big, bold, super boozy wine that will get you over-heated. Wines high in alcohol bring the heat, so go for a light bodied wine with a reasonable alcohol content like a Pinot Noir from the Pacific Northwest.

Unwind with this Pinot Noir:
50th Parallel Pinot Noir
Okanagan Valley, Canada


2. Gamay, the Grape of Beaujolais

A juicy red wine that is so easy to drink, you don’t have to think about it. Don’t bring the bottle into the room where your tub is, you’ll be reaching for it without realizing it and we do not recommend over-indulging while you’re sitting in water!

The Best Gamay for Bath Time:
Vineland Estates Gamay Noir
Niagara Peninsula, Canada


3. Splurge on Champagne

The ultimate in luxury is relaxing in a bubble bath with a glass of champagne. Pamper yourself by using your best bubbles in the tub and the best bubbles in your glass. For a truly decadent experience, made yourself a bowl of chocolate dipped strawberries. Go ahead — you deserve it.

Luxurious Bubble Bath Champagne:
Champagne Duménil Cuvée Jany Poret
Champagne, France


4. Versatile Riesling

Riesling comes in a variety of styles, from still to sparkling and bone dry to lusciously sweet. So, no matter what you feel like, there’s a Riesling out there to satisfy whatever white wine craving you’re having. We’ve picked a crisp, dry style Riesling to keep your bathtub soak light and lively.

Riesling for a Soak in the Tub:
Chateau Tanunda Grand Barossa Dry Riesling
South Australia, Australia


5. Dry Style Rosé

Lay back and let your mind drift away, taking you to a different time and place. Imagine yourself on a warm spring day, riding your bicycle through the beautiful scenery of Provence. The smell of fresh baked bread, the salty seaside, warm brie and fresh picked strawberries in the air. Nothing beats a glass of dry rosé with aromas of pink grapefruit, ripe strawberries, rose petals and watermelon.

Drift Away with this Provence Rosé :
Whispering Angel Rosé
Provence, France


6. Aromatic Gewürztraminer

No matter what fragrance you pour into your bath, it’s not likely to overpower the aromatic anomaly of Gewürztraminer. Notes of rose petals, honey, lychee and linen water waft through the air and will have you dreaming of a tropical paradise. So, go ahead and add beautiful floral bubbles to your bath and pour yourself a glass of Gewürz.

Wine Down with a Great Gewurtz:
Andreas Bender Kulinas Gewürztraminer
Pfalz, Germany


Soak Away Your Worries in a Tub of Bubbles

A bubble bath and glass of wine may not solve all the worries of the world, but pampering yourself is a great place to start. Have a good soak, a delicious glass of wine, and let everything melt away. After you take care of yourself, then you can take care of the rest.

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