Hundreds of acclaimed pinots will be poured at the 12th Annual Pinot Days San Francisco Pinot Days Grand Festival on June 18th, 2-5pm, at Bespoke at Westfield in downtown San Francisco. The festival will continue to be more intimate than in years past, aligned with our belief that Pinot Noir and its producers deserve a setting where the attendee can not only dive deep into the nuances of the wines, but also spend quality time with the passionate winemakers who produce them, learning about the artistry involved in crafting the wines.

Event tickets can be purchased at Pinot Days.

Founded by The Bay Area Wine Project with the ultimate goal of educating wine lovers about the virtues of Pinot Noir and the craft behind it, Pinot Days is a three-day celebration of Pinot Noir and its most brilliant winemakers, the vineyards, the grapes, and the often-bewitching process of urging the noble Pinot grape into great wine. At Pinot Days, the winemakers and winery owners do the pouring, creating a uniquely engaging experience where wine enthusiasts can interact, ask questions and learn the stories behind what goes into making great Pinot Noir.

Pinot Days’ founder Steven Rigisich said, “Pinot Noir is the only grape variety that can assume such a broad range of styles. Depending on the winemaker’s vision and the particular land on which it’s grown, Pinot can be fruit-forward and bright or elegant and subdued. You can taste 100 Pinots side-by-side, and each one is going to take you somewhere completely different, which is what makes Pinot Noir so fascinating.”

Pinot Days is an event that connects wine enthusiasts directly with winemakers creating a unique opportunity for new and seasoned wine lovers to experience, enjoy and deepen their knowledge of pinot noir. Produced by the Bay Area Wine Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of pinot noir, Pinot Days was created by Steven and Lisa Rigisichout of their devotion to the “the noble grape” and the people who make it. The Bay Area Wine Project holds annual events in San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Southern California. For more information visit Pinot Days.

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