On Nov.23, James Suckling renowned wine journalist and wine critic released his top 100 Napa Valley Red Wines of 2016. Dubbed by Forbes magazine as “one of the world’s most powerful wine critics,” James Suckling has really built himself a wine empire. Beyond editing, journalism and critiquing, this wine industry innovator has produced documentaries, extra ordinary wine events around the world and has his own crystal wine glass line with French crystal manufacturer Lalique. The highlight of which is the 100 Points Universal Glass that can be used for all wines: red, white or rosé.


Image by: Comme C’est Bon


Peruse his fabulous list as well as all the wine notes and just in case you don’t think you’ll make it through all 100 here’s a SPOILER ALERT!!!!


The Number 1 Napa Valley Red Wine According to James Suckling is:


Opus One 2013


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